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12″ X 13″ White Spunlace Wipers

Spunlace Cloth-like Wipers are ideal for many applications. These wipers are absorbent, strong, and lint-free. Spunlace Cloth-like Wipers are extremely versatile and ideal for low lint/lint free applications. An excellent cotton rag alternative. The creped Texture gives a more cloth-like feel and are strong either wet or dry.

18″ Cheese Cloth

Cheesecloth packed folded in boxes for convenient material access for users involved in wiping, cleaning, painting, scientific experiments and food preparation operations. They are 18″ x 36″ wide folded in 4 ply.

19″ x 28″ Orange Synthetic Chamois

Get your surfaces perfectly dry with this original 250-gram shammy cloth made in Germany using 100% rayon. It’s specially spun with warm air to make it more absorbent than any other cleaning chamois on the market, holding up to 20 times its weight without dripping. Use the shammies as a pool towel, a bath mat or to dry your pets. Ideal for washing cars, boats, RVs and strong enough to be used as shop towels. Common household cleaning products will not break down the fibers and these shammies will not fray so they can be cut to fit any size job.

Burlap Cloth – 7oz

Burlap is used in road and structural construction to cover poured concrete during the curing process. Its low cost and biodegradable composition make it the best economical and environmental choice. used to wrap trees and shrubs as protection against weather and road salt during the winter season. It is used in a narrow width as tree trunk wrap, to protect the bark from damage by foraging animals, as well as during transport.

Lint Free Tube Wipers

Constructed of 100% polyester knit, laser-cut, and available in a variety of lengths, lint-free tube wipes are ideal for many surface preparation applications in aerospace, automotive, and other critical manufacturing environments.